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“Description Image with pinkish color banned.jpg
English: en:Green Dam Youth Escort recognizes pornographic images by analyzing skin-colored regions. It mistakenly assumed this image of pink pigs was pornography.”

Didn’t you know what…

Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport has a special warning http://svo.aero/en/flight-safety/brief/ at its website with a special plead for passengers to prevent them from jokes.

“While passing pre-flight inspection and answering questions of the Aviation Security Service personnel regarding your possessions and substances prohibited aboard an aircraft, make sure to refrain from irrelevant jokes, such as “It’s a bomb”, “This is acid”, etc. Such answers are treated as a statement that the passenger actually carries dangerous substances and items, and any such passenger may be deplaned and handed over to the transport police for further questioning and prosecution in accordance with the applicable laws of the Russian Federation, including institution of criminal proceedings under Article 207 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Fraudulent message of the act of terrorism”).”