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I have also attached Google Friend Connect to my website


Fedora 20

Fedora 20 is just almost perfect! It is very close to have all I want almost “out of the box” — previously there were series of things I had to tune up or fix for some time. Now it has all, I just have to press some buttons. Besides Steam with games, but they’re on the go, and I am not very much a gamer. Of course, I use the right GUI — the MATE! Only MATE! Compiz is included.

It is free of charge and is constantly updated! 

Theotokos Derzhavnaya icon admiration day

Russian Orthodox Church celebrates today the day of Theotokos Derzhavnaya venerated icon closely related to the history of the dramatical loss of Russian Monarchy in 1917 which caused many continuous troubles to the country which haven’t finished so far as Russian people are still under Divine punishment for their passion for spiritually malicious stuff like expensive cars, mortgage and other similar indecency—most harmful and disgraceful of it being huge disrespect to each other despite constant showing off to each other.