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Very significant Putin’s speech about “The World Order”

Russian president Vladimir Putin yesterday has given a very significant speech. It was on a conference named — pay attention —

“The World Order: New Rules or a Game without Rules” (

You can read full English transcript of Putin’s speech at official presidential website

update: I have wikipedized it:

Bug Reports

If you want the world you live in to be better, you have to report bugs to developers so they can review it and, if needed, fix it — with your generous help, of course.

Here are the bugs I have recently reported and am discussing them with developers:

Caja file manager misbehaviors in MATE Desktop Environment / KDE over Fedora: charts-“widget” language bug:

Caracal kitten incident and Wikipedia statistics

An incident with an extremely expensive Caracal kitten robbery was reported in Moscow and people began to mass-wonder what is Caracal. Google News coverage show 3 news stories and Wikipedia statistics counter of “Caracal” encylopedia article shows doubled views: — 534 views the previous day and 1010 views yesterday, the day of the story.

In the meantime, there were lots of Russian news stories: and what was the Wikipedia stats output:Каракал 169 the day before and 20662 yesterday.

Google virus

Google virus

I have infected my PC with a virus via Google Chrome extension taken from domain. This is a real virus, there are many reports on it on extension’s bug page, and these are ignored by Google, virus gets spread from this domain, and one report say that it has a KEYLOGGER within. It isn’t recognized by my extrafresh-updated Windows Defender on extrafresh-updated Windows 8.1. It has affected my Linux OSes since it uses Chromium’s JavaScript. What is most amazing — it has penetrated into my hardware SoHo router and injected a viral hosttable into it! Redirecting popular websites like Google and Wikipedia to virus gateways trying to infect me even more. Infected router shows me virus websites on my Android telephone when connected to Wi-Fi. So, at the time, I am forced to hunt it and postpone my normal activities since I need to have a healthy PC to do what I need. I post research results and screenshots here: